The Westinghouse WH2200iXLT is a dependable source of backup power for your home during a power outage, simultaneously powering most refrigerators and large appliances such as furnaces and sump pumps. With a 79cc Westinghouse 4-Stroke OHV Engine, the WH2200iXLT Gas Powered Inverter Generator produces 2,200 peak watts and 1,800 running watts, generating power from two 120-Volt household outlets and one 12-Volt DC power outlet. Weighing only 43 lb. and featuring a built-in carrying handle, it is convenient and portable also making it perfect for camping, tailgating and other recreational activities.

Running Wattage

The Westinghouse Wgen3600 Portable Generator is a powerful and very versatile generator in the portable league of generators. It allows you to power through 3600 running Watts and a maximum of 4650 Watts at peak power. These large amounts of running and peak wattage allow the Westinghouse Wgen3600 Portable Generator to effortlessly stream through any heavy-duty job of powering any heavy equipment and living spaces.


  1. 2200 watts of peak power
  2. 1800 watts of running power
  3. Powered engine
  4. The powerful and strong petrol engine
  5. The sensitivity and safety are exemplary.
  6. The safe and sound power transmittance.
  7. No damage as sound and clean power.
  8. The harmonic distortion is as less as 3% due to the quality inverter attached.
  9. Extremely lightweight; it weighs only 43 pounds

Lightweight and Portable

Weighing in at 43 pounds, the WH2200iXLT is much smaller and lighter than traditional generators. A built-in handle also allows for easy transportation.

Parallel Capable

Amplify your wattage by combining two WH2200iXLTs using the Westinghouse Inverter Parallel Cord (sold separately) for 3600 combined rated watts of power! Just plug-and-play.

Quiet Operation

The WH2200iXLT operates at a volume quieter than the average person speaks, making it ideal for use at night and in sound-sensitive situations (52 dBA).

Lifetime Technical Support

The WH2200iXLT is backed by Westinghouse's network of over 1,500 service locations nationwide. Have a question? Our technical support team in Columbus, Ohio is ready for your call.